Quick Overview - your website process explained.

Domain Name
Your domain name can be just about anything you want, as long as it is not already registered. Most people choose a name which is closest to their business name, for example,  the Argyll Coast website where www.argyllcoast.co.uk was chosen. The ending of .co.uk signifies that the business is in the UK. We could have chosen .uk .scot .com or a host of other endings. For businesses who trade only in the UK we recommend .co.uk, .uk and/or .com. We can help you choose the right name for your business and register it for you. The cost of registration for you is £4.95 for .co.uk addresses. This registers the domain for a period of one year in your name after which it can be renewed annually.

Now that you own you web name you will need a place for it to live if you want to have a presence on the internet. This is Hosting. The cost of hosting varies depending on what you choose to have. Argyll Technologies small business hosting packages start from £29.88 per annum. This package provides you with an upload address, up to 10 email addresses, technical support, unlimited band width (space), and a guarantee of at least 99.9% up time i.e. your host server will not have problems.

You now need the content for your website. A quick look around various sites will confirm that there are many different ways of approaching this for a website designer. We believe that sharp, easy to navigate sites are the best for most types of businesses. We will closely consult with you to get a site in the shape that you would like. However as a guide we have a standard small business web site design package from £438 (7 pages) and upwards depending upon content and size. Your new website will be mobile friendly and ranked well on Google. We can do a single page website if you are on a really tight budget for under a hundred pounds.

Your site needs to be uploaded to your hosts server, and from time to time you will probably want to make changes. Any site we design we publish free. Changes to the website such such as adding or changing text or photographs to existing pages in the first year are free.

Presence (search engine optimisation)
There is absolutely no point having a website that cannot be found by your potential customers. Presence is therefore the process of getting your business website into the rankings of the search engines. This is a complicated process as the search engines (such as Google) use complicated algorithms to work out your search position for any group of search words (key words) that a user might input into their search engines. We are specialists in this field. The cost of managing presence starts from £48.50 per annum for smaller sites, but is included in the first year new builds.

For most sites there is a need to manage the details, add some text or change some as the year progresses, this may just be a simple change to your product or service prices to an event that you want on the site. Simple changes are free in the first year. However if you are adding pages we will agree a price with you. The general management of the site and its presence are also free in the first year with the previous "presence" package.

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